Central Florida Vacation Part Three

Our special Anniversary trip started as a surprise for my husband with a 4 night Walt Disney World stay at Disney's Beach Club Resort and 3 night Disney Cruise vacation to Nassau, in the Bahamas onboard the Disney Wonder. The final day of our trip after our cruise, he selected the activities we would enjoy.He rented a new Ford Mustang for the day at the airport and decided to stay at the hotel in the Airport itself, as we had a very early flight on Monday morning.We spent a couple of hours just driving around the old neighborhoods we had lived in, and even found time to do a little shopping at the Mall. We also stopped at Orlando Harley Davidson to make a few last minute purchases.

We then decided to spend the rest of the day at Sea World, where my husband was anxious to try out the new roller coaster.The day was sunny but a little cooler than it had been, more seasonal as early December should be! We spent a couple of hours on the beautiful grounds at Sea World, saw the Shamau show, and toured several of the exhibits. Then we headed to the new (to us!) Kraken roller coaster, where I was not brave enough to join my husband -- I waited at the end of the ride, while he enjoyed the thrills, which was so intense, he decided to go again! Since it wasn't as warm as it had been, I ducked into a gift shop to stay warm while I waited. He enjoyed the ride three times in row, and was satisfied to have his "coaster fix" for the day.Since the afternoon was wearing down, we decided to head out and look for a spot to have a bite to eat. We drove to Kissimmee and settled on The Olive Garden, since we don't have one near us at home.

We passed by Old Town in Kissimmee, and decided to return there after dinner to walk around and see what was new since we'd been there 10 years earlier.My husband, ever on the lookout for an adrenaline rush, immediately headed toward the Sky Coaster ? it's not quite hang gliding and not quite sky diving, but its close ? with three 300-foot towers, you are strapped in a harness, raised to the full 300-foot height, then you pull the rip cord to release, swinging in a 600-foot arc for the thrill of a lifetime.This was way out of my comfort zone and he had to brave the ride alone, while I watched safely on the ground. The intensity and thrill are incomparable and he would have gone for a dozen rides if others had not been waiting their turn.As the evening was winding down, we headed back to the airport to return our rental, and finish our last minute packing. This final day had been filled with happy memories, jammed full of activity, good eats, and a fair amount of adventure.

Our Central Florida vacation was coming to a close, and we went to bed that night, exhilarated, exhausted, content, and a little sad to leave it all behind. Monday dawned clear and warm again, and we reluctantly boarded our flight home with Florida sending us off with a final warm embrace and sunny skies.There is so much to see and do in Central Florida and Walt Disney World that no matter how much you actually do get to, there will always be something you had to leave out. So make the most of each day, take the time enjoy the surroundings, and delight in each event to the fullest. We had a mixture of some old favorites and plenty of new experiences and not one regret for time we spent. Hopefully it won't be another decade before we go back, but that's another story?.

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By: Bryn Hiner

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