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It isn't just the mountains, sparkling lakes or glaciers that draw travellers to Alaska but the magic in the land, its mystical boreal pull. It's a place that ignites the imaginations of people who live in the city but long to wander in the woods.


Alaska Travel - Dreaming of a maritime smorgasbord of ice-blue glaciers, countless waterfalls, and snow-covered mountains spiking up from the water's edge? Hoping to see pods of orcas and spouting humpback whales, sea otters, puffins, and eagles? Want to watch dozens of bears feast on wild salmon? Do it on an Alaska cruise. Mt. Denali awaits you. So do 76 million acres of national wildlife refuges, 54 million acres of national parks and preserves, and 23 million acres of national forests. Travel to Alaska, the state that holds fast as America's last frontier and protects the wildness of more than 40% of the state.

Small-ship cruise programs give you the chance to view wildlife, primordial forests, massive cliffs, and the abundant nesting sites of bald eagles, all while enjoying the comforts of small cruise ships.