Singapore Guide

Singapore is a country on the crossroad of all main international trade routes. Along with Bangkok, Singapore is one of the most important trans-shipment points both for travelers and for goods. It receives more than 45 000 ships a year and hundreds of airplanes every day.Singapore is well known for its electronic industry too.

Technical equipment made here has a good reputation is widespread all over the world. Singapore is a very important tourist center, usually it has about 6 millions of visitors a year. Singapore is called "South-Eastern Switzerland" for its safe banks, high level of life and very developed commerce.

Now Singapore government is trying to make it a prestigious resort destination too. There are not so many beaches, but they plan to create the artificial ones.The city of Singapore is the capital of the country Singapore. It has a nickname "Lion city" and attracts tourists with its fusion of Chinese, Indian and Malaysian cultures, unique temples of different religions and bright celebrations. Singapore is a contemporary, modern city but the high-rise office buildings are in harmonic neighborhood with the ancient small houses.Singapore once was a colony of the British Empire.

It was a deserted island, but when the British came here they made it a very flourishing place. Singapore became an independent state in 1965.Singapore city is divided into several parts. It has several districts formed by the nationality of their inhabitants. Chinatown, Little India and Arab Street are the biggest ones.

Chinatown is a city within the city ? there are people, who never leave its borders, refuse to learn English and still feel like they were in China. It's a bustling, noisy district full of restaurants and small shops. Little India really looks like Bombay and you soon forget that you are in Singapore. Indians is not the largest group in Singapore, so they are trying to safe their traditions and national features, so sometimes Little India looks more Indian, than India itself.

In Arab Street prevails Muslim population, especially Malayans, but there are Indonesians and Arabs too. Sultan Mosque is a religious centre of the district. This part of the city is calmer than Chinatown and Little India. Here you can buy excellent fabrics, batiks and carpets.Singapore is surrounded by several island worth visiting. Pulau Seking ? Seking island is situated to the west of Singapore.

It's a small island with the population of only 300 people. Some find this island a tropical paradise.Pulau Ubin ? Ubin island lies to the north of Changi Village.

The island seems almost untouched. Only several fishers live there.


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By: Constance Blair

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