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Are you planning a trip this year? There's nothing like going on a trip, but when you forget to bring everything you need, your fun trip can turn stressful fast. Whether it's business or pleasure, there's certain travel "must haves" that you need to bring along. So whether your are traveling for a great vacation or a boring business trip, here's 10 things you can't do without.Itinerary.You need to have fairly accurate plan of where you will be on certain days, not only for yourself but also in case anyone from back home needs to get in touch with you. A business trip will make this pretty easy as your days will probably be structured in advance.

If you are traveling on vacation, it makes sense to plan your tourist stops ahead of time so you can be sure to fit everything in.Clothing.Bringing the right clothes for the climate is key when traveling.

Check the weather ahead of time so you know what to expect. You'll need to bring something for every occasion you expect - casual clothes for seeing the sites, something more dressy for dinner etc. Try to make your clothes do double duty as much as possible. Bring clothes that are easy to wash and don't wrinkle easily and you'll spend less time doing laundry and more time enjoying yourself.Shoes.

If you'll be sightseeing a good pair of comfortable walking shoes is a must but don't bring a brand new pair you have never worn or you might end up nursing blisters along with your martinis. If you'll be dressing, you'll also need a pair of appropriate shoes and maybe some sandals for lounging around. Think about the activities you will be doing and plan your shoes accordingly.

It won't do to bring your favorite evening dress and then have only hiking boots to wear with it.Essentials.Don't forget your personal items such as drivers license or identification and passport. Do you need to bring your ATM card? Travelers checks? Don't forget your toothbrush and clean underwear.

Make sure you have some cash on hand just in case.Medication.If you are taking medication be sure to fill your prescription and bring enough to last for the whole trip and then some.

Also, you might want to include some insect repellent, cold medicine, aspirin and maybe even Pepto Bismal.Tote Bag.Bring an extra bag, like a tote bag that you can use for lugging stuff to the beach or when shopping or to the laundry. If you bring it down empty, you'll have an extra bag to fill with souvenirs on the return trip.

Locks and keys.Make sure your luggage has a lock and keep the keys hidden or on your person while on vacation. Did you bring your house and car keys? You might need them after you get home.Maps.It's always a good idea to bring a map of your destination so you know where you are going, especially if you will be doing any driving. If you are really organized you can map out your day trips ahead of time and you won't have to waste "vacation time" planning your trips.

Labels.Does your suitcase look like a dozen others? Then it might be smart to put a big label with your name on it. Put labels on the inside as well as the outside in case the outer one gets ripped off somehow during processing. Don't put your address on the label, just your name and the airline you are flying on.Insurance.

You might want to buy the additional flight insurance offered just in case. If you will be driving a rental car, you should probably get the insurance they offer as well. If you do rent a car, make sure you go over every inch of it with the rental agent and be sure they write down any damage so that you are not charged for it later.When traveling, a bit of planning up front can save you headaches later on so next time you travel, make a little checklist to be sure you include all the things you need and don't forget to have a safe and happy trip!.


Lee Dobbins writes for Travel Cents where you can get more travel tips and learn about great places to visit.

By: Lee Dobbins

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