Ways To Cut Your Travel Costs Without Cutting Your Fun

Here is a list of random ideas and tips I have gathered over the years on how to save money when you travel:.

  • When possible, travel during off peak seasons. Across the board, you will find airfares and hotel rates are lower at some times of the year and higher at others.

    The catch is that off-peak seasons vary from destination to destination, but generally they follow common sense. For example, Europe and North America's off-peak seasons are most often during their winter months. But watch out for special events that can throw a wrench into that rule of thumb.

  • Travel midweek. Again, you will get better hotel and airfare rates midweek than you will during the weekends.
  • Never place a phone call from your hotel room.

    Do not break this rule or the spendthrift fairy will come and slap you. As true as this rule is in the U.S., it is even more so when traveling out of the country.

  • Know the exchange rates wherever you travel out of your own country.

    Ignorance on this subject can make you a target for rip off artists or you may wind up overtipping. Yes, you might unkowingly make some hard working waitress' day, but the spendthrift fairy has plenty of slaps left over for the likes of you too.

  • If you want to eat at the better restaurants when you travel, eat there for lunch rather than dinner. You can enjoy the same food and same ambience for less.
  • Rediscover the simple picnic. You can eat your meal as you enjoy scenic parks or even from a bench in the city.

    Not only will you save money, you will experience more of the "feel" of the place you are visiting.

  • Take advantage of free or reduced-priced attractions. Research your destination before you leave home to find the bargains. Also, any hotel concierge with his or her salt will have lots of good advice for you.

  • Public transportation passes. Almost every city and country offers one-week or one-month passes for public transportation. If your travels take you to Europe, a Eurail Pass can enable you to travel all over Europe for one flat rate. See my blog at http://guerrillatraveler.

    blogspot.com/2006/01/great-travel-deals.html for links to Eurail Pass.

  • Walk. Subject to your fitness level and the distances involved, you may have more fun and save money in the process by taking a walking tour around the city you are visiting. .

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    By: Charles Brown

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