Where to Park in NYC on the th of July

Street parking in New York City on July 4th can be more assessable than most people think. Many don't realize that on major national holidays (including July 4th), both alternate side of the street regulations and parking meters are suspended. This means that not only can you park at meters for free, but you can basically park anywhere without a problem unless it is a place where street parking is never allowed (i.e.

, if the sign says "No Parking Anytime" or "No Standing Anytime").Where should one park a car in Manhattan on the 4th of July?.* Midtown - the far east and far west sides are generally better places to park than in the middle.

When going to the middle of Manhattan, try drifting a few blocks towards the peripherals and enjoy a short, healthy walk.* West Side - Streets such as Greenwich St and many of the cross-streets between Greenwich St. & Hudson St.

can be great places to park for free. Likewise, try uptown near Central Park - especially on major national holidays like Independence Day.* East Side - below 3rd Ave; especially alphabet city and various streets near the Williamsburg bridge. Uptown, drift a little east away from Central Park.

* South Side - better on the eastern side of the Southern tip (Cherry, Monroe, Water). Greenwich St. on the West Side also has some good spots to park for free.More things to keep in mind when parking your car in NYC this Independence Day.* Always plan ahead - know in advance which streets are good and bad places to park and make a list of the good places.

Trying to read and understand the parking signs with 10 cars honking their horns behind you, pedestrians zipping in front of you and the inevitable yellow taxi ready to cut you off at the first opportunity can be a harrowing experience. Don't try it! Instead, make it easy on yourself and plan ahead.* Always have a backup plan - know in advance where the parking garages are in the area you need to be; have an idea what they charge, what their hours are and when possible, reserve a place with them ahead of time by calling or using their website. This can save you more than 50% off their normal price!.Copyright 2006 Rhythmo Productions.


As seen & heard on ABC's Eyewitness TV-News and in New York Magazine, Erik Feder is "The Parking Expert" and author of the "Feder Guide?" series of parking books. He has done extensive research on the Manhattan parking scene, including driving on every single street in Manhattan and compiling a comprehensive database of the parking regulations on each and every sign. For more information, review copies or to schedule an author interview, please contact:.Rhythmo Productions
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By: Erik Feder

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